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Qivana Review: An Overview About What You Will Find Here.

Qivana IBO Logo   This Qivana Review will give you all the details you will need to make an informed decision about Qivana as a business opportunity, as well as the products and what they have to offer.

I first of all would like to welcome you to this site. This website has been put together as a one stop, no-hype site that will allow you to get all the information about:





Long Term Vision

Much, Much More...

These are all critical aspects you must be informed about before you join any business. Most people jump into a business based off emotions and not based on solid information. We all have made decisions based off emotions. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't.

A good example is buying a car. Many people walk into a car lot without having the goal of driving a way with a new car, but a good salesman gets ahold of you and pretty soon all you can see is you in your new car. Then you get home and wonder if you made the right decision.

I don't want that to happen to you. If you decide to join Qivana or not, I want you to be fully comfortable with the decision you have made. You can give yourself a huge headstart by educating yourself about this company.

If you do your due dilligence, you will feel better about your decision later when it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. You will have more confidence when building your business because you know you checked it out fully and it was the right decision for you.

There may be something on this site that is not covered (although I don't know what that would be) :). Please don't hesitate to call me direct at 605-270-7968 or shoot me an email at:

What's Qivana All About?

Qivana is a fresh company in the network marketing industry.  Some like to call it an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company.  It's all the same.  The two terms are synonymous.

The company had it's official launch in October of 2009 and has it's headquaters in Provo Utah.  It is getting lots of traction lately due to some of the "Big Guns" that are seeing the bright future of this company and are getting involved with  an "All In" approach.

Right out of the gate, they did over $1,000,000 in sales their very first week.  They have not yet hit momentum, but the leading IBO's (Independent Business Owners) feel this will happen in late 2011 or early 2012.  Nobody can say for sure when momentum will hit, but there are IBO's that are positioning themselves for this shift.  The timeing couldn't be better.  You can learn more about momentum by checking out the Why Join My Team tab.

Check out each tab on this site as the information will be useful, even if Qivana is not the company for you.  You are still going to come away more educated about what you should be looking for in a home business opportunity after going through this site.

Thanks for stopping by TheQFacts.com and don't hesitate to contact me directly with any questions or concerns. 

Come back often to check out how Qivana is changing peoples lives every day.